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Mentor Mr Rajandran (belltpo)

Rajandran is a full timetrader, blogger and founder of Marketcalls one of the fastest growing financial blogging website in the world. Now he focuses more on building trading analytics and loves to learn new technological trends in financial markets.

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Mentor Mr Dean (belltpo)

Hi I am Dean, and welcome to my Trading World. I am trading in Indian markets since 2004, that’s well over a decade now. My primary tool for trading is Market Profile, and, I combine it with Order Flow to generate Short to Medium term low risk opportunities in Nifty Futures and Banknifty Futures. I feel an urge to share whatever I have learned about trading in my 12-13 years of experience from a number of mentors with keen individuals like yourself, because I believe in giving back of what I have received so graciously…

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Mentor Ashish H. Kyal(Waves Strategy Advisors)

Ashish Kyal is the Director & Founder of Waves Strategy Advisors. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and member of Market Technicians Association (MTA – USA). Ashish is an MBA and did his Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University…..

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