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Hi I am Dean, and welcome to my Trading World. I am trading in Indian markets since 2004, that’s well over a decade now. My primary tool for trading is Market Profile, and, I combine it with Order Flow to generate Short to Medium term low risk opportunities in Nifty Futures and Banknifty Futures. I feel an urge to share whatever I have learned about trading in my 12-13 years of experience from a number of mentors with keen individuals like yourself, because I believe in giving back of what I have received so graciously

I have two courses on offer and they will be available soon,

Course I: TA 2 MP (Technical Analysis to Market Profile)

Description: This course take a look at Traditional Technical Analysis (TTA) through the paradigm of Market Profile (MP). It is my attempt to show a progressive trader like you, how MP can help you avoid many of the pitfalls of TTA, and help you make better informed decisions in the markets. MP achieves it by providing complete information about the current market development.

Benefits: Once you are through with this course you will find that MP is an indispensable tool that you must add to your arsenal. It will help you in taking timely and prudent trading decisions in such volatile markets as Nifty Futures and Banknifty Futures. The principles shared here are applicable to Stocks, Currencies and Commodities as well..

Course II: Advanced Course on Application of Market Profile to Your Trading!!

Description: This course looks deeper into the concepts of MP but through the context of its application to real life trading. It will guide you through a step by step process to incorporate MP in a well-defined Trading Plan. Filled with real life examples this course will give you a hands on approach to learning Applied Market Profile.

Benefits: The course is so structured that by the time you get through it you will have a detailed trading plan with you, which you can build upon and make changes to suit your personal trading style. Along with studying the core concepts of MP you will also see how they are applied to real market situations.

Slack Room Access: Apart from the two courses mentioned above, you can join my slack team for a small fee and get daily interactions with me and ask your questions about the current market developments as well as any doubts from the course.