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Hi I am Jay chandran,Entrepreneur & Independent NiftyFuturetrader.I utilise Market profile,Volume,ADX. I apply the Market Profile which allows me to see the market insight. Time, price, and trend decide where my opportunities are found and what defines my trade.
I have one course on offer and they will be available soon,

Course : “Advanced Course on Application of Market Profile & Order Flow to Your Trading”

Description: This course helps in knowing the concepts of MP & OR, its application to real time trading. It will help you in identifying the right patterns  in MP & OR . This course will offer you real trade examples and hands on approach to learning Applied Market Profile.

Slack Room Access: Apart from the courses mentioned above, you can join my slack team for 3month  and can  interact with me and ask your questions about the current market developments as well as any doubts from the course.